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Tunit Power Pedal - Mercedes X Class
Tunit Power Pedal - Mercedes X Class

Tunit Power Pedal - Mercedes X Class

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The Tunit Power Pedal increases throttle response and controls the delivery of the existing performance you have from a dash mounted control.  It can be used alone or in conjunction with any other tuning product or performance modification the vehicle may have and is suitable for petrol or diesel vehicles.  

The power Pedal is designed to improve the throttle response of the fly by wire accelerator to eliminate the lag and delay when you put your foot down.  With a Power Pedal you will have an instant response rather than having to wait for your vehicle to respond.  

The Power Pedal can also be used to smooth out the power delivery and take the edge off a sharp aggressive throttle often found on a high performance or highly tuned vehicle increasing your vehicles driveability. 

The Power Pedal features a new dual processor system for speed, smoother acceleration response and most importantly safety, being up to 1000 times safer than a conventional single processor unit. 

The dash mounted control provides easy access to alter the performance between the 13 settings from Eco to Sport Plus to suit your needs and it is the only pedal product that can be moved to your future vehicles. 


  • Improved instant throttle response
  • New dual processor system for speed
  • Smoother acceleration response
  • 1000 times safer than a conventional single processor unit

Installation is through a plug near your accelerator pedal. The Power Pedal is normally installed din minutes and the gains are felt immediately. It is fully compatible with any other modification you may have.


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Tunit Power Pedal - Mercedes X Class
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